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SBM has reached out to 30000+ patients in 2020 through its Health Portfolio

In India, health services are overwhelmingly commercialized with the increased involvement of the market mechanism. Catastrophic expenditure on health is a major cause for people to become impoverished.  Costly health care pushes millions below the poverty line every year and denies care to many who are already poor. On the other hand, the condition of the government health care system could not compensate for the rise in emerging needs in the field of healthcare. 

SBM has been part of a nationwide process working towards improvements in the delivery of public health services. By understanding these vulnerabilities, we strategize our projects to deliver improvised healthcare services to the deprived population who have very little access to healthcare services or who doesn't have the knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from. This is being achieved by conducting mega medical camps, free mobile clinics, and diagnosing centers across the area of interventions. We endeavor to bring about inclusive and better programme implementation across the state of Telangana through greater investments and streamlining the governance system in the health sector.

  • Focusing on case finding and diagnostics, alliance with medical professionals by the way of sensitization, capacity building, community awareness, and nutritional support with the public health professionals and volunteers. 

  • Conducting area-specific mega camps based on the needs from the ground.

  • Ambulance and other technical support to the dependent population.

  • COVID -19 Support.

  • Free medicines up to one month as per doctor's prescription for lifestyle diseases.

  • Helpline Centres for coordinated operations.

  • Supplying treated drinking water for the patients in the government hospitals by installing water treatment units

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